OtusThe band was founded by Otus Hobst, Aleš "Gulesh" Hampl and David Krampera in late 2007. Following the first 4-song promo CD and gigs in 2008. Soon David was replaced by Šimon Staněk on drums and Petr Bláha on bass guitar. Minority Sound start working on their first LP "Analysis" to be released in 2010. Followed by gigs at home and abroad.

GuleshImmediately after release of Analysis the band starts working on a brand new material for "The Explorer". Starting the cooperation with canadian producer Rom di Prisco the second LP is released in 2012 and hits hard around the globe. A first European tour "Explore the Worst" is followed by yet dozens of gigs.

PetrIn 2015 Minority Sound release their latest record "Drowner's Dance". Diving into more orchestral and epic approach rather than strictly electronic. 3rd performance on Brutal Assault festival are one of the highlights of that year. In 2017 the band goes on a tour to Mexico which turns out to be a tremendous success.

DharmIn the middle of 2017 a long-time drummer Šimon leaves Minority Sound and is quickly replaced by Tomáš "Dharm" Fürst. In the current days the band is preparing their 4th longplay CD. Year 2019 brings a new album named "Toxin". There is also a change on the drum stool once more as Tomáš Fürst is replaced by Libor Všetečka.